AllianceFor SDG Network Background

Exhaustive research has shown over the years sustainable development for all countries is only truly possible through comprehensive cross-sector efforts that begin with education.

A carefully pilot survey conducted on the Global Goals in Ghana succinctly revealed that most people are not well aware of the goals and what they seek to accomplish in our lives.

It was surprising to know the news about the SDGs has not gone down with a large section of the public and on this premise, there is the imperative need to mount an awareness campaign about the Global Goals through education in Ghana to garner support towards the achievement of the goals.


Education undoubtedly can accelerate progress towards the achievement of each of the sustainable development goals between now and 2030 in a multiplicity of ways.

Becoming much aware of the goals with the various targets would help people to contribute meaningfully towards the implementation of the Goals.

This campaign would provide the platform to galvanize support to radically accelerate the achievement of the Global Goals.

About Us

Alliance for SDGs is a legally registered entity and largely an organization that has since championed the cause of localizing the Sustainable Development Goals Read More